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Friday, January 21, 2011


My husband's step-brother is on a business trip out of the country right now.  His wife and their three children are home. 

Yesterday, their home was broken into and many of their things were taken from them.  Thankfully, his wife and children were not home at the time; but, as you can imagine that was pretty scary for them. My wonderful in-laws are stepping in to help out where they can and bring some comfort to this very shook up family. They are going to be busy with them during this crazy time in their lives and help out until my brother-in-law returns from his trip.

Since they are not going to be around to cook so much in the next week, we are the proud new owners of a bag of food brought over to us this morning.....

We have 2 oranges.....2 pears.....3 plantains....and 4 very ripe bananas
 to make things interesting in the kitchen. 
What shall I do with them?

I am thinking that I will make some black beans and rice tomorrow. To go with that, I am thinking that I will sauté the plantains and maybe grill up some Jerk Chicken.  Maybe I could use the oranges in the marinade for the chicken.  How does that sound?

As for the bananas, I do have a recipe for muffins that I got out of Bob Greene's book that I could make or maybe I could just freeze them and use them in the "Green Monster" that Jessica at Heart on Homestead has almost talked me into trying.  She says that you can't taste the spinach and if she says that, I believe her.  I got all the stuff to make it but I just couldn't do it this morning.  Maybe tomorrow.....??

Anyway, I am open for suggestions on what to do with these things.  If any of you have some wonderful ideas or recipes for healthy dishes, please share them with me.  I'm going to look through the recipes that I've saved and then a little later, I am going to try a couple of new recipes that I got from my friend, Mary, over at Life in a Small Town. I think Orange-Balsamic Glazed Chicken and Lemon Risotto sound perfect for dinner tonight.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a great weekend,


  1. A great way I've heard to make plaintains is to cut them in one inch pieces, deep fry them for a minute, when they cool, smush them until they're flat and then refry until crispy. Just make sure you season them before and after frying!

    I SWEAR you can't taste the spinach, haha! Just use a little handful at first, I promise you, it'll taste like a banana milkshake. ;)

  2. OMG I would be lost as I don't even know what plaintains are for starters and the banannas I would say bread .. lol

    Can't wait to learn what you do with them.

  3. I have a great cake recipe that calls for ripe bananas for the filling...My problem is that my bananas always ripen when I am not ready to bake the cake!!!

  4. You're very creative Candy, anxious to hear about your finished meal with those ingredients! Sorry about what happened to Dave's family....that must have been awful for them....♥U

  5. If you want to try a vegan muffin recipe, the bananas make a great egg substitute!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the break-in and theft. What a very scary thing, even if they weren't there. It's creepy to know that people have been watching your house and know when you're there and when you're not...

  7. I have no idea what plantains are or what to do with them! I have a great recipe for banana muffins, but you don't have an oven yet, right?
    Thanks for the shout-outs!


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