I am so happy that you have landed in my little corner of cyberspace. If you join me here, you will, hopefully, get to know a little about me. You will read my thoughts, my hopes and dreams, and see some of my favorite things. I hope you will visit often. I will try to update it regularly and hopefully you will see an improvement in the blog along the way. Thank you for stopping in to see me as I travel on this journey called "life"!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Thanks to some really wonderful friends we are all moved out of our house and into our temporary home.   Last weekend was busy as was this past week; but it's all good! We have decided to not unpack very much at our temporary home so we've just unpacked the bare minimum to make it livable and are kind of camping.  We close on Tuesday morning bright and early and hope that the next door will open soon and we will find where we are supposed to be next.

My posts have been and will continue to be a bit sporadic in the coming weeks as we do not have an Internet connection at home. These days I am hooking up from either the library, coffee shop or my friend's house.  I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy the ride.  So far so good!

Yesterday, we took advantage of our new found freedom and the beautiful weather here to go on an adventure. I started the morning by rousing my good-natured husband up to find a sunrise to photograph.  We didn't have to travel far to find this beauty....

Good Morning!

We drove around for awhile and explored our new neighborhood while it was waking up.  I got the opportunity to grab some more photos that I will be sharing here in the future.  Here are a few from around the neighborhood...

We grabbed a friend later in the morning and headed south to explore Natchitoches.   

Those were just a few photos of our day out.  I have a few specially reserved for Wordless Wednesdays that I hope to be sharing in the coming weeks.  

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting!  I will keep you updated on the adventure as it unfolds.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Better late than never, I guess!
I'm linking up with Tanya at  
The Miller Racing Family for her.....

And with Java at Never Growing Old for her.....

Hope you all are having a great week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On repeat....

Currently on my Ipod....

It is a reminder to me that no matter what it looks like to my natural eye....chaos....or what it feels like in the natural....like sitting on top of a very high roller coaster in a car that is about to head very fast, straight down...no matter how many plans that I "don't" have for what lies next on our journey...I truly don't have any concrete plans for what lies next ...my wonderful Father is in control and I can rest easy in that....or at least give it my best shot! He is certainly ready for me to let Him be in control.  Why is that so hard for me?  It's not like I don't see His hand in all that has been transpiring and is currently transpiring in our lives.

We are heading for a new "normal" in our lives (whatever that means!) and it's exciting, if not more than a little scary.

Thanks for taking time to stop by and join me for this journey. We are almost completely packed up and organized.  The truck is reserved....the young college students that we have hired to help us are resting their strong backs, I hope...and we move on Saturday.  yay! 

This move is so temporary that I'm packing very thoughtfully and not even going to unpack very much at the new place.  It's going to be a camping adventure for a time.

I hope to have lots more time next week to blog and visit and comment on all the wonderful blogs that I love to read and bloggy friends that I enjoy visiting....but I may not.  We will see what happens next!

Be blessed today and everyday....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thank you so much for stopping by to see me! I'm linking up with the Tanya at THE MILLER RACING FAMILY today.

Won't you join me?

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Child with moving box

Yes, we are packing and getting ready for the first leg of our next adventure.  I have to say that I'm not really thrilled with where this first leg is taking us.  Because the sale of this house happened MUCH faster than we had ever anticipated, we have scrambled to find a place to move our belongings into when we move out of here.  We don't want to get tied up with a lease until we figure out exactly where we want to live so that has made the search even trickier for us.  My husband's boss has a house that he is letting us rent from him on a monthly basis without putting up deposits and without a lease so that's a blessing  and we are very thankful for that provision. I have to tell you though that when I went by there on Saturday to look at it, I had a meltdown.  It's going to be hard to move out of my beautiful, peaceful home into that house.  Because I know it's temporary, I will be just camping there until I find something else so therefore I can't work to make it my home.  I am going to be spending a lot of time outside, I think, and away from home until we find something else.  If you are so inclined, please pray for me.  I am asking God right now to bring His change quickly.  So that's where we are at and what we are doing and why I haven't been stopping by your blogs like I have in the past or posting regularly on here.  I am hoping this new change in our lives will bring more free time for me to do the things that I love to do....like connecting with all of you out in the blogosphere.   Have a great week everyone!  Breakfast is over and time for more packing!


Friday, October 15, 2010


Hello and Welcome!
I'm so happy that you stopped by to visit.  When thinking about what to post on today, I remembered an email that I got awhile back.  You know the kind of email that you get that gives you questions that are answered by the friend who sent it to you.  To play the game, you are supposed to create a new email with the same questions answered by you and then send it to all of your friends including the one who sent it to you.  They are a kind of fun way to get to know your friends a little better.  If I have time, I try to play along with them.  This particular one that I received was a little a different than the usual ones that I get so I thought maybe it would be a fun way to tell you a little more about myself.

It's called the.....

A is for Age:  43......I'm still climbing the hill!

B is for Book: My favorite book....besides the Bible....would have to be "The Notebook"....and "The Noticer".....and "Tuesdays with Morrie".....and I bet I've read "No Compromise" by Keith Green at least 5 times.  What a great book!  So those are some of my very favorites.   I couldn't name just one....sorry!   I love all of them!

C is for Career:  I am a Legal Assistant.

D is for Dad's name: My dad's name was Jeff.  Not Jeffrey.....or Jeffery.....or Geoffrey.  Just plain "Jeff".  And his dad was named "Jeff".....And his grandfather's name was "Jeff"....and I think that is as far back as it goes.  My Auntie M can correct me if I am wrong.   I sure do miss my dad!

E is for Essential items to bring to a party:   Oh, I don't know what is essential to bring to a party.  Some of the things that I like to make for a party would be my Chicken Enchilada dip or Chili Cheese Dip or maybe it's the Chocolate Chip Cheeseball.  That's always a good one to share.

F is for Favorite song or music: I have the craziest song collection on my Ipod.  I listen to all kinds of stuff depending on my mood.  There's Christian music such as Jason Upton, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Hillsongs and Selah.....there's bluegrass like the Steeldrivers and Alison Krauss.....there's country....new and old....Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt and good on Merle and Conway.....you'll  also find Jimmy Buffett, James Tayor, Delbert McClinton, Percy Sledge, Amos Lee, Jack Johnson, Aretha Franklin, the Sugarhill Gang, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Eva Cassidy, Melissa Etheridge......just to name a few!

G is for Goof off thing to do:  I don't know how to answer this because we never "goof off" anymore. Oh we laugh a lot and make witty comments; but we don't do goofy stuff like we did when we were young.  Now that I think about it, that's really sad.  We might need to change that in our lives!

H is for Hometown:   Ruston, Louisiana

I is for Instrument you play:  I don't play an instrument....at all.  I did take piano lessons briefly as a child; but hated to practice so I didn't go very far with it.  I regret that now.

J is for Jam or Jelly you like: I rarely eat jam or jelly.  If I had to choose one, it would be Grape Jelly.....or homemade Strawberry Figs.....or homemade Pear Preserves and I can't forget homemade Mayhaw.  Yum!
K is for Kids:  My husband and I have four children in our blended family.  There's Matt, Garrett, Cassandra and Connor.  Garrett is married to Jen and Cassandra is married to Justin.  Last, but definitely not least, is our precious granddaughter, Acadia.

L is for Living arrangement: My husband, David, and I are currently living in a log cabin that my parents designed and built.   We've just sold it though and will be moving on to another house and another adventure hopefully very soon.   We are waiting on a closing date now.

M is for Mom's name: My mom's name is Janelle.  I've always loved that name.  :0)

N is for Name of best friend: David is my very best friend.

O is for Overnight Stay in a Hospital:  I had my son in 1992 and was  in the hospital for a couple of nights.  I had a breast reduction in 1994 and was in the hospital for a couple of nights.  Best surgery ever, ladies!  If you are struggling with backaches and problems of that nature, I recommend that you explore that option!

P is for Phobias: Snakes!

Q is for Quote you like:  I've always loved the beginning of The Notebook where Noah writes...

"I am nothing special; just a common man with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who's ever lived: I've loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough."

R is for Relationship that lasted longest: My marriage to David.....we've been together for 13 years and married for 12.

S is for Siblings: I have one brother.

T is for Texas, ever been? Every chance I get!  It's one of my favorite places to visit.

U is for Unique trait:  I have Flintstone Feet.

V is for vegetable you love: It would be easier to tell you what vegetable that I don't like.....blackeyed peas and turnips.  That's about it.

W is for Worst traits:  I have a hard time making a decision and I'm very critical of myself.

X is for X-rays you've had: Oh I dunno.....teeth, chest xrays, ankle, back and neck.

Y is for Yummy food you make: Summer Rolls, Enchiladas, Gigi's Carrot Cake

Z is for Zodiac sign: I'm not into the Zodiac....but I think I'm "cancer".

That's all for the ABC's of me.  If you are still here, thank you for sticking around to the end.  If you've got some time, why don't you join me for some fun blog hops?   I'm linking up with these three today......



Wherever you are and whatever you do, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Only in Louisiana....
Thanks so much for stopping by to see me today.  I'm linking up with two wonderful ladies, TANYA and JAVA,  for their fun Wordless Wednesday(s) linkups.  For more great photos, why don't you hop over and visit them with me?  You will be glad you did.

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This was waiting on me when I got home!  It's the "Kelly Boy camera bag" that I won recently.  I'm so excited....David is so excited....our camera is so excited.   Thank you Color, Inc., Kelly Moore and Angela at Just Me...Photography for telling me about the giveaway.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Friday, October 8, 2010



I found this new blog hop last night and I'm just now getting the opportunity to link up for today.  Better late than never, I guess, right? I will have to remember it next week and link up earlier.

If you are visiting from this blog hop....or visiting for whatever reason....thank you for taking the time to stop by and see me.  Feel free to look around and see who I am and what this blog is all about!  I hope you will feel welcome here and that you will join me again sometime soon.

I usually only do the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop; but I felt like branching out this week so here I am.  This blog hop caught my interest because there are No Rules to linking up!   I like to follow blogs that interest me and not out of obligation.  Having said that, I only want you to follow along on my journey if you find this blog interesting.  No pressure to follow me because I've chosen to follow you, ok?  This is a "blog of freedom" here!

About Design It Chic now......not only is this fun blog hop hosted there, but there are a lot of great design tips, tricks and information about blogging shared freely over there.  I'm going over now to link up and visit some of the blogs and study some more about designing my blog.   Thanks, again, so much for stopping by to see me!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Hello and Welcome!

Thank you so much for stopping in to see me today. It has been a crazy ride here the past two weeks and I'm just stopping to catch my breath for a few minutes.   I have definitely not gotten to post to this blog or visit my friends very much at all during this time of transition.  Not only has my personal life been busy with the process of selling of home; but, work has kicked into gear as well.  I rarely have time for a break to answer my emails during the day these days.  This is just a season in our lives right now and I know that once things settle down here that I will have even more time to do the things that I enjoy.  I am definitely looking forward to that!

I received some really amazing photos in my email this week and thought I would share them with you here.  I don't know whose photos they are or I would definitely credit the photographer here.  They came in one of those "forwards" that we all get quite often.  I  hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Pretty cool huh?  I thought so! 

I'm doing something today that I haven't done in quite some time........I'm hopping around ~ blog hopping, that is.  I'm joining my friend, JAVA, over at NEVER GROWING OLD for her wonderful FOLLOW FRIDAY- 40 and over.

I'm, also, going to link up with a few more blog hops this week.....


Blog Hops are always a great way to make new friends and find new blogs to read.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I'm off to link up now.  I will leave you with this....

May you always have work for your hands to do.May your pockets hold always a coin or two.May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.May the hand of a friend always be near you.And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.