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Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's NEW MUSIC Saturday around here.....

and that means that it is time to find some new songs for the Ipod.  I tend to gravitate a little more toward the Singer-Songwriter genre the older I get.  I happen to think that there is nothing more beautiful than someone sitting down with  an acoustic guitar and playing something from their heart.  When we were on vacation a couple of months ago, the best thing about the rental car was the Coffeehouse station on Sirius.  On that station, they play acoustic rock songs, jazzy songs, new songs by singer/songwriters and songs that have been recut in an acoustic style. 

Having said that, my tastes in music are all over the board.  My Ipod reflects that as you scroll through the artists and songs.  I truly like a little of it all depending on what mood I am in or what I'm doing at the time. 

So my question to you this morning is......

What are you listening to these days?

Have a safe and happy weekend, friends!


  1. For some reason I don't listen to music that much. Lately the only thing I listen to is my husband playing his trumpet. Not bad either.

  2. It always helps if the trumpet player that you live with plays well. :0)

    I live with a guitar player who doesn't play his enough. Have a great weekend! Candace

  3. I agree on the singer songwriter thing. It is beautiful to know that the way the words are coming out are exactly how they were meant to be.

    I'm a country music girl...don't ask me how that happened since I grew up in a big city where people didn't know there was such a genre as that, but I love it...I also listen to some good R&B, rap, regge...depends on the mood.

  4. Eneida, country music is awesome! I married a man from New Hampshire but you'd swear he was born down here in the good old south. We bonded through our love of music. If the singer songwriter's songs lean toward a country or soulful bluesy sound then even better.

    I, too, sport on my ipod some good R&B, Reggae, Rap - old skool stuff from the eighties, a little jazz, classic rock, classical...you name it, i t's on there. Except for opera....just can't do operatic stuff.

    I'm with you on whatever the mood is......so far today, I've gotten some more of Zac Brown's new stuff...another Miranda Lambert song...a few more Norah Jones' songs that I didn't have....an Eva Cassidy tune....something from Shawn Colvin...something from Mary Chapman. I think that's all so far. I'll hit it again later. :0)

  5. Can you ever get enough of Chicago or any of the other 70's bands?

  6. The music from the 70's is awesome!

  7. I absolutely love country music but if someone is playing live music I am always open to stop and listen!


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