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Friday, July 30, 2010


Good Morning Friends!
The long anticipated Friday has finally arrived.  I don't know how it is for you; but this has been the longest, hardest summer that I have had in a long time and it seems to me that Fridays take forever to get here.  For me, it could not have come more quickly.  Even though I am going in to work for a little while today, I am not rushing out of the door this morning and I'm hopeful that it is going to be a great weekend.  I am feeling more relaxed than I have in quite some time. 
At any given moment, I have hundreds of thoughts going through my head.  Lately, I have been thinking in terms of blogging.  I view things in my world always questioning whether or not I could blog about it.  It seems a little crazy to me; but, I don't think I am alone in this way of thinking.  Most of the people who read my blog are bloggers themselves so I feel that you are with me on this.   
I gather ideas and take photos all in the hopes that I can share them with you in my blog.  My problem lies in not having a lot of time to spend blogging and so most of my ideas bounce around in my head and don't actually make it to my blog.  I am sure you have, at one time or another, felt the pressure to get a blog post published and when that happens to me, I struggle with the decision on which idea or photo or series of photos to share with you that would be interesting for you.  I want to be able to share effectively my thoughts and feelings within the time constraints that I have in my life right now.   I am a perfectionist so I can't just slap something up here and feel good about that.
So as I was taking a few minutes to look through my Google reader, I saw a post on ERIN's blog about a 30 day Blog Journal.  Every day has a new topic and as I browsed through the topics, I found a connection and a ready answer for a lot of them so maybe I can do this!  You will learn a little bit more about me in the process and I can work on some of my other ideas in the background to share with you.  My first obstacle will be getting through the first topic on Day 1!! 
I love all genres of music.  I listen to a little of everything and my Ipod reflects that.   Sometimes I have a song that I hear that resonates with me and I listen to it often...sometimes on repeat.  That song for me this spring and summer has been
So we live out in our old van
Travel all across this land
Me and you

We'll end up hand in hand
Somewhere down on the sand
Just me and you

Just as free
Free as we'll ever be
Just as free
Free as we'll ever be

Of course, this is more like it.......

I think it would be great to be able to pack up like this and travel around this great country of ours and meet people and experience life.  I would take my camera and my laptop and my flipflops and my husband would grab his guitar and off we would go.  Think of all the material to blog about that we would have....not to mention the time to do actually do that.  We could visit our kids and our granddaughter and our parents and meet new friends along the way.....and I can see some of that "ending up hand in hand...somewhere down on the sand...just me and you"  happening too.  I can see it all playing out in my dreams.  For now, that is all this is....a very happy dream....and this song takes me me to my happy place.  ha!   So in the meantime, I will continue to do what I do in the place that I do it and live vicariously through people like Alison and the sweet family over at Mali Mish. 

Since it is Friday, I'm linking up with the sweet JAVA over at NEVER GROWING OLD because I'm an Over 40 Blogger and this is a fun party!  Now if you will excuse me.....or better yet, why don't you come along with me over there and see her?  You'll be glad you did! 

Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope you have a safe and fabulous weekend!


  1. Thanks baby! If only, right? *hugs*

  2. I have always wanted to take an RV and do that but Tom doesn't like the idea. Can I be the 3rd wheel on your trip???

  3. It would be fun traveling the country in the RV
    I am now following you through
    Follow Friday 40+!!
    Peggy Gorman

  4. OK...how many times has Mr. D and I said we wished we had a camper & a boat! What a cool idea to be able to travel around...Oh yes, and we'd have to have the camper cause Mr. D is a Bassist and I am a keyboardist (easier to travel with than a piano)

    About the blogging thing...perfectionist??? You? Geez, could it be possible that there is yet another parallel between us?

    Ok, I digress...I'm sure you have noted that my blogging tends to be random at best. I get a lot of my blogging ideas from things I see & hear along this life journey. When I am at a loss for a blog, I pull out my Poetry journal of poems I've written and post them with a picture. The most difficult thing is to be able to post when you have the thought. Time constraints are a writers nightmare! But, it could be helpful to keep a small notebook to jot down those thoughts when you have them so you can refresh your memory when you sit to write? Just a thought...I sometimes get out of bed when an idea strikes just so that I don't loose the thought...oh yes, that's if I actually made it to bed.

  5. Thanks Peggy!

    Mitzi, that is a great idea! I have a notebook with me that I jot stuff down in but I need to be more serious with documenting my blogging ideas as I have them and not after the fact.

  6. oh I would love to do that...

    I am now following you from Friday Follow 40 and over...
    love your blog...isn't this a great bunch of girls to belong to there are mor 40+ bloggers than I realized..
    age is just a number..


  7. Thanks so much for the mention, Candace! I loved reading your first post!!

  8. Just stopping by from Over 40 to say hello and to look around some more. I just love The Zac Brown band and that song.
    Have a great week!


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