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Thursday, January 24, 2013

July 2012 - Ben and Jerry

July was the vacation month for us and we had originally made plans to go away for the whole week and do something exciting and fun.  That is still on the bucket list; but we were enjoying our deck so much last summer that we decided to scrap that idea in favor of day trips to different parts of New England.  Still exciting and fun; but a little more restful.   We still got to sleep in our own bed every night.  There is a lot to be said for that.

I have been itching to explore Vermont since we moved back. here so we decided on one of the days off to take a road trip in that direction.

The road that we followed took us first to Waterbury, Vermont, the home of Ben and Jerry.

It was a carnival like atmosphere at the Ben and Jerry plant and since it was the height of summer vacation and the temps were warm, there were people everywhere.

We wanted to take the tour; but the line was way too long and we had other destinations in mind for the day.  We decided to save the tour for another day.

You can't visit the Ben and Jerry plant without having some ice cream, right?  Another casualty of not blogging this right away is that I have no idea what kind this was.  I'm quite sure it was delicious though.

One of the most interesting features of the property there is the "Flavor Graveyard" which is a tribute to the flavors that are no more.

Set up like a real cemetery, the head stones feature humorous tributes to the "dead flavors".

I'm not sure why this one is not still available.  This one was delicious!

Stay tuned for the rest of our day tripping adventures in Vermont...


  1. Ben and Jerry's is my favorite guilty pleasure! What a fun day trip!

  2. OMgosh the flavor graveyard is awesome!!! I have always wanted to visit Vermont!! Oh, and my favorite Ben & Jerrys is Karamel Sutra :)

  3. We haven't taken a day trip over to Vermont in a long time. I will have to remember to do the Ben and Jerry's tour other than in the middle of summer...thanks for the tip.

  4. Dreamy - I'm craving Cherry Garcia at this very moment. =)

  5. Yep...definitely coming for a visit! :)

  6. This looks like so much fun! I'd definitely love to visit the Ben & Jerry's factory someday!


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