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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


to say...


I just logged into my email account and found an email from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds that I had won this week's giveaway on 1916 Bungalow House Blog.  I hopped over to Bungalow's website to see if that was real.....

(Click the photo to enlarge)

And it is!

Dave and Anna over at 1916 Bungalow House Blog have weekly giveaways.  All that I had to do was leave a comment and I was entered to win. I didn't have to follow, like, tweet or blog anything.  Of course, I already follow 1916 Bungalow House anyway; but, that was decided long before I entered to win this giveaway.

I usually steer away from blogs who have giveaways all the time; but I have a passion for all things bungalow and they have some interesting articles on their blog. I, also, keep waiting for that home tour on their site. hint hint! Hop on over and see them sometime for your chance to win! 

On a side note....

We got some snow overnight and my town is a winter wonderland.  


It's so pretty here!  I know I will most probably get tired of it before winter is over and be ready for summer....but for right now.....I am not hot...and that's a good thing.

This morning, we grabbed the camera and went for a walk downtown to get our mail.   
This Church looks even prettier with the snow.

This is the front side of the church. Can you tell that I love it?
This old home sits majestically on a hill overlooking the town.
Soon they will flood this area and there will be ice skaters everywhere.
This home has always attracted my attention.  Isn't it lovely?

After a walk in the snow, it is the perfect time to enjoy something hot to drink.
Chai Tea Latte, anyone?
It is also the perfect weather for something hot to eat.  Something that will warm your stomach and your heart... 

My husband is very pleased with me as I made jambalaya...his favorite.  You can take the man out of Louisiana....but I guess you can't take Louisiana completely out of the man...even if he is a "yankee" by birth.

Since I was in the kitchen cooking anyway today, I thought it would be a great time to create a few Christmas treats. It has been difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year and start cooking and decorating like I normally do. 

Since my mom is way down in Houston and I'm way up here in New Hampshire and because my mother-in-law took a trip to New Orleans last year and got addicted to pralines, I decided that I needed to try to make some for the first time. My mom has always made them so I have never had to learn.

I used a friend's recipe to make them in the microwave.  While they are darker than the ones that I am accustomed to, they taste really good!  

I had planned to make another batch once I checked my email; but, as you can see, I've been a little bit distracted...

Thanks so much for stopping by to see me!  Wherever you are, I pray you are having a wonderful day!


  1. I want to live in your town! Or at least visit. So eclectic!

  2. Congrats on the wins. I absolutely love stone buildings. What a lovely church! :O)

  3. Congrats. You are getting alot of early Christmas gifts this week. Love the snow walk photos and the food looks wonderful!
    Have a great day!

  4. Yay! Congrats on the win girl!

    That church is gorgeous by the way. You always taunt me with the beautiful pictures! LOL!

  5. Congrats on your win. Always so fun to get a winning email. Thanks for linking up on What We Won Wednesday!
    I'm following your blog now.

  6. That house is absolutely gorgeous! And your pictures...stunning!

  7. I have a microwave praline recipe on my blog and made some tonight to take to work in the morning. Love love loving all the snow pictures!

  8. Wonderful, such a lovely surrounding you have chosen to live! Oh, oh, congrats to this lucky winner, nearly forget by all this beauty here. Paula xxx

  9. What beautiful winter wonderland pics! Looks like you're enjoying it. :-) Reading about Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds reminds me that I should be getting a catalog pretty soon. I love their catalog! It's a reminder that the White Witch won't always prevail.

  10. Your photos are gorgeous! What a charming town. :-)

  11. What beautiful photos!! And congrats on another win!! I think I need to stand near you and see if your luck will rub off on me :-) Seriously, though, I am so happy for you!!


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