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Monday, December 27, 2010


Good Morning!
There is snow everywhere in our new home!  We are experiencing our first Nor'Easter since we moved.  The timing was lousy as my son was supposed to fly in to Boston yesterday for Christmas.   I spent most of the day trying to get Delta on the phone and trying to get his ticket changed on their website.   It was frustrating to say the least.  I finally got it changed over  using the website and he will come in very later tonight.  That works out better for us too as Boston is really getting hit hard with this storm.  By the time we leave, the snow should be stopped....or almost stopped....and the crews will have a better handle on the snow removal.  There should be less traffic at that time too.  They are equipped to handle this kind of stuff up here.  If they weren't, you just couldn't function because it is winter in the North and you have to expect that these things will happen.  Life goes on.....

In preparation for our drive to Boston and because we haven't had a chance to test our other car in the snow, David decided we needed to take our Camry for a drive out to see how she performs.  He wanted to make the decision on which car to take and to check on the tire situation to see if we needed to put some snow tires on it.  I'm always ready for an adventure like that!  We grabbed the camera and the new Flip and headed out.  I got a couple of videos while we were out and got them uploaded on You Tube to share with you.  I am sorry for the quality and for length of the videos.  I should have made smaller clips, I guess, but I was having fun.  Some of them are hard to see because we are driving in the dark.....but you can see the snow falling and some sights in the area....AND hear my very goofy commentary.  I haven't figure out how to get rid of that part yet.  Just excuse that part, ok?  Thank you!

The first video up is a drive out to the road where the covered bridge is located......

This next video is our drive through the down town area....

I hope you enjoyed our little video tour of our area. .I just looked out and there's a LOT of snow out there....and it's still snowing......just not as much as last night.  I've heard the snow plows running most of the night and have heard a few cars on the road.  I am going to get out a little later and will try to get some shots of it. Be safe and stay warm wherever you are today!
Happy  Monday!


  1. Cool videos! My parents got a flip for Christmas. I think I need one, too :-)

    Praying for a safe trip for you to and from Boston and a safe trip for Connor getting into Boston! Stay warm and stay safe!

  2. You just have to be patient and enjoy the beauty. Two weeks ago, my son was stuck in Baton Rouge due to snow here. This too shall pass! (Although American automatically booked him, so we had no stress...)

  3. Thanks for sharing your videos. I miss the snow!

  4. Welcome to the land of snow! Love your new picture of the covered bridge at the top of your blog. Happy New Year! :O)

  5. I miss the snow soooo much! We're crossing our fingers for a trip to MA next month for the AFC championship game. We were going to go for the divisional game since that's a definite but we're going to take a chance and pray that they make it to the AFC championship ;) Go Patriots! (sorry if you're a Saints fan, ha!)

  6. I love the snow, it's so pretty! Loved the little video tour. :)

  7. It was so cool to hear your voice, and now be able to hear you "speak" when I read your words ... :)

  8. It is a good thing you love the snow... enjoy the ride!

  9. The videos were great! I love the snow but I do not like driving in it. I have togive you a lot of credit. I get too nervous to be on the road. Being in Connecticut we got a lot of snow also. It has been a lot of fun. Sorry about your son's flight. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  10. We got a boatload of snow too! We had to welcome you to the Northeast right! Love your new photo!!!

    Happy New Year, Love!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner


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