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Thursday, December 30, 2010

And tonight.....

it was dinner with my husband, two sons and a daughter-in-law....

where I enjoyed.....

Spicy Caribbean Jerk Chicken

Boneless breast of chicken stacked on top of sweet potato slices  with crispy fried noodles...topped with a spicy Caribbean jerk sauce and mango salsa with a side of Basmati rice.

It was fabulous.....and the company?
Even better!


  1. O ... M ... G!!! I just had a midnight snack, and that picture still has me drooling ... :) May you have a fabulous new year, filled with love and health and happiness!

  2. New England Jerk Chicken...it's kind of an oxymoron--but I'm glad it was a tasty one!

  3. Wow! That looks scrumptious! I'm glad you had a great night! Happy New Years Eve!

  4. Looks delicious and so pretty!

  5. That sounds like such a fun time! It is so nice to simply have a good meal with family! Looks yummy too! I want to wish you a very happy New Year! May it be filled with love, great health and plenty of laughter!

    Mama Hen

  6. Um, YUM! Looks delicious! Hope you had a great time and have a wonderful New Year!

  7. Oh, wow, that food looks decadent! Happy New Year to you!

  8. I am sitting here, sulking, feeling so deprived cuz I just read Mary's blog and now yours. Where are the good restaurants around here???? I may have to start importing food!
    Have a happy new year!

  9. Now that looks fabulous. Next time I am coming, lol!


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