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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello and welcome!

I'm taking a little break from unpacking to play a little catch up here on the blog. It has been a whirlwind two weeks...ummm....months for me and I feel a little out of control. That may not be such a bad thing now that I think about it. Maybe control is something that I need to give up. That's another blog post, I'm sure.

I had grand intentions of blogging about our journey with nice photos of the sites along the way and updates on the progress and where we were each night and well....that didn't really happen like I had planned. I don't really know why I make plans. David and I have gotten the message that there isn't a "plan" with our lives right now. Well, let me rephrase that.... HE has a plan so therefore WE shouldn't try to make our own. We should just learn to flow with His plan. That's where the peace lies. I pray that I do better with that as the days go by.

In an effort to catch up here, I thought maybe I would post some of my favorite photos of the last week or so and let you see some of the things that I have seen on this adventure called "life".  You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Somewhere on the road between Alabama & Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee
My best friend enjoying a nice Subway picnic lunch in the cab of the truck somewhere in Tennessee.

The said Subway picnic lunch closeup shot - Foot Long Roasted Chicken on Honey Oat Bread with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles, Provolone on his half - toasted, black olives on his half, Vinegar and Black Pepper.  For $5, it's a heckuva deal! Thanks for the Subway Card, C!  We ate Subway at least 3 times on the trip.
Moving right along....

beautiful Virginia farmland

another beautiful Virginia farm
Pennsylvania had their fair share of great barns and silos.

Another great Pennsylvania barn and silo...

our view from the cab of the truck in the middle of an insane traffic situation someplace in New York state.  We had gotten off to add fuel to the "big beast".  Getting fuel was not a problem....getting back out onto the road from the fuel station, however, was tricky!

This, I believe, is the Hudson River. 
A wonderful reason to move cross-country....a little father and son time before we sat down for our Thanksgiving meal...sharing their love of music and playing guitar.

The cutest little pumpkins stuffed with Cappy's stuffing & baked to perfection. What a beautiful presentation and oh so good!

Welcome to New Hampshire!
Yes, folks.....that is ice covering the windshield!  In Louisiana, less ice than that would have closed schools and other businesses....caused bread and batteries to fly off the shelves the week before in anticipation of the event....and definitely kept us at home.  Not in New Hampshire though!  We headed out to Country Kitchen for a nice wonderful breakfast!

David made quick work of the ice on the windshield.  We were thankful that my mother-in-law had a good scraper in her car as we were not prepared for it.  We took care of that later in the day as we purchased our very own ice scraper with a brush.  No car should be without one in New England.
A view of the evening sky from our deck...
The beautiful little grand-girl who lives just around the corner.  We are enjoying our time spent with her and her parents.
A yummy Greek Salad from my favorite restaurant in town.  Yes, it is within walking distance of my apartment!

My first meal cooked in my makeshift kitchen on a hot plate.  This apartment didn't come with amenities such as a stove or refrigerator.  We bought a hot plate and the landlord just so happened to remember that he had a fridge that we could use until summer....when his wife needs it back for her pickles.  We should have found other accommodations by that time anyway!
The hot plate worked great!  We enjoyed some yummy Taco Soup on a cold New England day.
Pennsylvania and Virginia barns have nothing on this wonderful old round barn in Vermont.  I heard they were making this into a museum of some sort.  I need to make a return visit, I think, when I can stop and take a look around.

This crazy Vermont horse thought that he was king of the mountain.  This shot, taken from a moving car, doesn't show the other horses to the left of the photo standing there looking at him.
View from our car as we're traveling through Worcester Woods, a wildlife management area near the town of Worcester, Vermont.

The state capitol building in Montpelier, Vermont.
Another beautiful Vermont photo....
Beautiful Vermont sunset sky...  
A view of the common of my new hometown...

Another view of my new hometown.....

This is the gazebo on the town common.  The town is just starting to be decorated for Christmas.  I can't wait to get some shots when the decorations are complete.
I hope you have enjoyed the photo tour of what has been going on in my life through the eyes of my camera.  Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and see me!  I've been a little under the weather today so I'm going to take it easy.  I hope to see you around again soon.



  1. Your new home town is like a postcard. So pretty, enjoying all the pictures...:o)

  2. So good to hear from you and know that you have arrived at your destination. Safe and sound. Great pictures along the way. Such a picturesque home town too. Love the barns. Looks like you'll have plenty of photo opportunities. Stay warm. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Y'all saw some beautiful sights along the way! The roasted chicken is my favorite at Subway. Glad y'all got there safe and sound. Post more pictures of your "new hometown" ready for Christmas!

  4. Oh, you make my heart hurt. I lived in VT for four years and ADORED it. Isn't it beautiful? I miss it sometimes, especially now after this post! haha

  5. What beautiful photos and such a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing!! I can't wait to see more...

    How crazy that the apartment doesn't have a stove and refrigerator. Of course, I don't cook anyway so I could deal with it :-) So glad you're settled in and enjoying your new home!!

  6. Great pics! Think I could actually feel a little chill in the air all the way down here in Louisiana. The soup looked great. Can you send the recipe? Miss you . . .

  7. Nice pics, I've never been to Vermont but some of these pics look a lot like East Tennessee. I'll have to go back and read why you moved somewhere cold, there must be a good reason, like family or grandchildren or something :)
    Thanks for posting...I don't always comment but I lurk on Google Reader.

  8. I studied each shot. The pastoral scenes , so peaceful. Your new home town is a delight. Come summer, you'll be sitting on a blanket around that gazebo, listening to a band concert. What a sweet life you'll have. I wish you peace and waves of "calm." xo

  9. @Aunt Mary....Thanks so much! This town is really is like a postcard in some areas.

    @Susan...There are many things to photograph here. That was one thing that I looked forward to in moving here. All of New England is like that. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @Mary...I am going to try to get some more photos of downtown this weekend. Thanks!

    @Jessica...I love Vermont! Maybe you should come home to visit sometime!

    @Angela....I know, right? I have never heard of an apartment with a stove and fridge before. The landlord said something to the effect of not providing the appliances meant fewer things he had to fix. He told us with the fridge that he loaned us that if it stopped working that he was not responsible. *lol*....fair enough. :)

    @G....I think your weather earlier in the week was actually colder than ours. Of course that never lasts there and it does here. We are expecting a few flakes the next few days....not much accumulation though. i will send photos. Miss you!

    @Kim...we moved for children and the grandgirl and because we burned up in Louisiana last summer. We find it easier to keep warm than to keep cool. I'm glad you stopped by and commented. I'm a lurker too so I completely understand. Thanks for lurking!

    @Manzie...You are exactly right about the gazebo on the common. They hold band concerts every Sunday evening there during the summer and I will be there. Loving my new home town! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. What lovely photos my dear friend! It looks like you have landed in a beautiful area, despite the ice. Glad you have arrived safely, had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting settled in. Hope you will feel better soon. Hugs...

  11. Thanks, Mitzi! I am much better today. It is really pretty here. We have a chance of snow for the next few days so that should make it really pretty here if we get any accumulation. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    hugs, Candace

  12. What a trip across the country. Your new little hometown looks simply GORGEOUS. Hugs across teh pond. xxx

  13. Aw man, you make me homesick for a place I was only in 1.5 years! Amazing pix - thank you for posting. I lived in Lafayette LA for 6 years - another place I'm homesick for.

  14. Thanks for stopping by, Paula! My trip across the country will have nothing on your adventure.

    LBD Diaries...thanks for stopping by! New England is beautiful and I'm enjoying it up here so far. Lafayette is a nice place. I've always loved visiting there too.


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