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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Since we had an appointment Friday morning to get the windows tinted on our new car at the dealership in Shreveport....

And since we were already part of the way to Houston...

And since our wonderful salesman over there had promised to fill our tank up with gas...

And since my stepdad was out of town for the weekend and my Mom was home alone.......

What better time to make a road trip, right?  

So after our car was all tinted up, we headed south to Houston for a weekend of relaxation and fun. 

We arrived in time to head out for some of those wonderful fajitas at Ninfas for dinner.  I'm sorry to say that I forgot to put the chip back into the camera after uploading my photographs the last time so I was unable to take photos of our meal.  You remember how yummy they looked last time though, right?  

Consistency is something that you can count on at Ninfas and they were just as yummy this time.  Of course, we ate way too much!

And what should you do when you have eaten way too much good food?  Go home....lay on the couch and watch a movie, of course!  It was pretty funny, by the way!

Saturday morning, I did something that I rarely ever do.....  I slept in...and it felt soooo good.  I guess I needed it after all the drama that we have had going on this summer.

The weather was so brutally hot on Saturday that I really had little energy to do anything other than lay around in the air conditioning, visit with my Mom and relax.  What a nice day!

While I did that, David took the opportunity to head out in search of Fuller's Vintage Guitar.  He has wanted to visit this place for awhile and get his hands on some really nice and very expensive Taylor guitars.   Since music stores are not a lot of fun for me, Saturday was the perfect day for him to do that.  While he was out, he was sweet enough to stop by and grab another chip and chip reader for my camera so that I didn't go through any more withdrawals than necessary.

So I did not make it Niko Niko's or to the cool shops down in Montrose or to Ikea like I had thought that I might do while in Houston, but I did manage to go for some incredible pizza Saturday night.

We have had pizza on our minds lately and what better pizza to try than  Wood Fired Pizza Co.,  voted one of the top restaurants in all of Houston!  

This little restaurant, tucked away in a strip mall, in Cypress, Texas is well worth the drive over to experience it.   They have all of the traditional toppings to choose from along with some spectacular gourmet options.

Nothing traditional for us!  We chose the Mediterranean Vegetable.....

And the Wood Fired Chicken Pesto....

This hidden jewel did not disappoint.  Both pizzas were fabulous but the general consensus gave the Mediterranean Vegetable a slight edge.  I think we will definitely be craving these pizzas.

That pretty much sums up my weekend road trip.  It was a fun time visiting with my Mom and enjoying some wonderful food.  While I did not spend it as I had envisioned, it was just the kind of weekend that I needed.  Thanks, Mom!  Next time that I come down for a visit, I hope that it's cooler and I hope that I don't forget the chip for the camera and I hope I have more fun things to share with all of you when I return. 

Have a great week!


  1. What?? Music shops no fun?? I don't believe you!!! Taylor guitars are great, btw:) It sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend. I'm not sure what a dollar is worth these days but I think the pizza prices over there are a bit high?? Sorry you forgot the camera chip... sooo frustrating!

  2. Ooops! My musician follower would be the first to read and comment tonight! haha! He disagrees with me too, Susi! If I played an instrument....which I would love to be able to do btw...I'm sure I would enjoy them more. Yes, the pizza prices are high over here. You can get more reasonably priced pizzas...but these tasted way better. Thanks so much for stopping by! I sure wish I could have gone to to Italy with you. Have a great week, Candace

  3. Did I tell you what my son's first impression of LA was when he crossed into it on Sat? Free coffee on a 105 degree day!

    The pizza looks good, and I come from an area known for it's 'za.

    Take a look at our Chicago trip pics from my lunch today, please (pretty?)

  4. Sounds like some good eats! YUMMY!!! :O)

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend filled with great food! That pizza looks super!

    I'm glad you had a safe trip :)

  6. Sounds like a fun time...with lots of good food! Why is it I want to watch a movie after eating a big meal, rather than going outdoors and running and playing like the kids do! I've gotta work on that.

  7. Thank you all for stopping by! It was a great weekend.

  8. Glad you were able to have a fun trip. That pizza looks wonderful. I want some.

  9. Can I get a slice of that pesto pizza please????

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner


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