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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yes, it's true.....

I just can't seem to get it together these days.  I know this blog is supposed to be my "outlet" but life is intervening.  I missed Day 4 yesterday of my blog journal and today doesn't look much better.   I have a couple of awards that I need to accept and haven't gotten around to doing that yet either.  If you have given me an award, please know that I am thankful and honored to received it!  Maybe I will feel inspired to post tonight after work. 

Right now, the wind has just been knocked out of me and I just don't have anything to give.  I've been trying to keep up with commenting and emails and new followers.  I don't know how well I am doing at it.  I have some new followers that do not have their blog addresses or their emails on their profile....at least I haven't been able to find them.  I really like to establish personal contact with each and every one of you that take the time to stop in to see me.  If you haven't heard from me, please pop me an email and let know or leave me a comment with your blog site so that I can visit you there and say hello.  My email address is  michiamocandace@gmail.com

This really isn't a "feel sorry for me" post so please don't.  I am really so blessed in life.  I'm just going through some tough things right now and this is just a "getting real" with you post so that you know where I am right now.   I appreciate all of your encouraging comments about Julz and your prayers.  Between Julz' medical issues and the other things that are happening, I am just tired....

You guys are the best.  I don't understand all of this stuff happening; but I know that God is good and that He has a plan even when I don't.....and even when I do have a plan, I know His is better.  I am thankful for all of that.   If I didn't have that assurance, then I really would be in a sad state.

So it's time for me to go back to work for the afternoon; but I will leave you with some happy news that brightened my day!  Susan from THIS DAY contacted me this morning and said that I won the $40 gift card from CSN Stores.  Yay me!  Now I have no excuse to exercise now since I mentioned in my entry that I would like to use it for some exercise equipment that I don't have.  It's a good thing since the gym membership that we hardly ever used expires today!  I just need to brush the dust off of the other exercise equipment that I already have in my home and get a new piece to inspire me and and and.....sounds easy, right?  ha!  We'll see how I do. 

If you haven't visited SUSAN, you really should stop in and say "hi".   She has a great blog and is a sweet lady that I am looking forward to getting to know.  Her sweet words to me  have already blessed my heart.

Back to work now, friends!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!


  1. There are times when you literally cannot do it all. You have to make a conscious decision to let some things go. Not forever. Just for now. If this is one of those things, that is okay. Just put a post up that says you will blog when you can. Everyone has been overwhelmed at some time and people do understand. So, don't make yourself crazy trying to be superwoman. ((hugs))

  2. That is great advice, my new friend! Thank you! I am going to try to find something else out of the hat to let go so that I can concentrate more on the blogging. It is what I enjoy doing when things aren't so crazy around here. This weekend is a long weekend for me and a completely free one so I'm looking forward to getting things back to normal. Thanks again!

    Have a great afternoon, Candace

  3. Oh Candace, hang in there. I know exactly how you feel. I'm right there with you, but no matter how often you post, I'll always be here to happily read. :) It shouldn't be added pressure, but sometimes it does!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  4. Sending a big hug to you. You are awesome and I really like your attitude. Hang on to that and work through each thing as you can. We need to do something about moving LA and CA closer to each other.

  5. Warm hugs from DC and I hope things will get better. No worries. I always drop by just to check on what you're up to :)

  6. Believe it or not, there are more important things than writing a blog post!

  7. Thank you ladies!

    Mary, no way?! :0)

  8. Hey sweetie...breathe....breathe....breathe....Roadtrip!!! LOL Seriously, don't worry about it, you are good at keeping up, even when you think you aren't! Hugs....oh and Mary what??? There are more important things than writing a blog post? Surely you jest. (jk)

  9. I will continue to pray, not just for Julz, but for you too. It is no wonder you are tired. Of course you trust God, but He knows our frame and that we 'are but dust.' We are merely human and all the stresses affect us. I hope you can get some rest.

  10. I really hope things get better for you.

  11. I'm continuing to keep your sweet little Julz in my prayers too. I wouldn't worry to much about how frequently you are able to blog, particularly in this season. I think everyone understands.



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