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Friday, August 13, 2010

This weekend I am tempted to stay home and enjoy the air conditioning and stay out of this brutal heat; but I probably won't....

So instead of staying in and staying cool, what will I do?

I may or may not go here.....

 I may or may not see this beautiful lady....
I may or may not eat here...... 

  But if I do,  this will probably be involved.....


After that, I might have to visit this place ......

And if it gets too hot outside, then we may or may not need to cool off here....

I'm sure there's something in here that I don't know that I need, right?
And of course, we may or may not have to grab some dinner....


Of course, if we decide to go there.....

THE best fajitas that I've ever had....and oh yeah....fresh tortillas...you should try the corn ones.......AMAZING!

And all the yummy extras to go along with the fajitas!
And if we have dinner there, this will happen next.....

How many of these will he enjoy??

You should taste this stuff! 
There will definitely be lots of laughter!
And this guy gives the greatest service!  He's our favorite!  

So I think I've just about talked myself into a road trip.....which really wasn't that hard.   Road trips are one of my favorite things to do.   Before I decide for sure on my weekend plans, I'm going to link up with my friend, JAVA over at NEVER GROWING OLD for her fabulous FOLLOW FRIDAY - 40 AND OVER.  This is a great place to make new friends and find some great new blogs to read.  

So if you'll excuse, I'm going to hop over there now.  Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me today. I hope you have some fun things planned for your weekend and I will be looking forward to reading about your adventures.

Take care and be blessed!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful and safe road trip! That food looks delicious and IKEA is always so much fun to walk around. Enjoy :)

  2. Thanks so much, Kelly! Have a wonderful weekend! Candace

  3. Road trip and fabulous food ... sounds like a weekend to me!!! Enjoy ... :)

  4. Road trip!?! I love a good road trip. Especially one that involves shopping and eating. Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous time. Blessings, SusanD

  5. So neat that you stopped by my blog. I'm wondering where in LA you live, my son is moving there tomorrow (Baton Rouge) from Illinois for grad school!


    Hopped back at you!

  6. Anything that leads to laughter like that is a good thing and well worth the trip to get there. :-)
    Have a great time of it.

  7. Sounds like a good plan to me!! Go for it! Love those beef fajitas! :-)

  8. Sounds like you're expecting a fun filled weekend! I'm going to jump into the challenge of baking gluten free bread... everyone says it's so difficult so I'd better start practicing! :)

  9. Definitely sounds like a good plan for the weekend! If you do go, I'm certain you will have an amazing time! Enjoy & stay safe! Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Thank you all for stopping by!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll come back...you're always welcome.
    I've sure enjoyed my time here.

    I'm taking a little trip myself this weekend and, believe me, there will be lots of food and laughter too!


  12. I am not sure if you are familiar with my HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAYS, but I tagged you this Thursday. I hope that you like your dedication!

  13. Can I come too???

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  14. Every choice sounds like plenty of fun. Would like to try Loukoumades. What is it please? I lvoe fajitas. Yummy. Have a spectacular weekend

  15. Road trip – yay! I’m a great lover of road trips, and it looks like you’re going to have a fabulous weekend. We’re lucky in Colorado to have wonderful, sunny-but-not-too-hot summer weather, so I think I need to get outdoors and enjoy it! I'm going to have fun getting to know you!


  16. YUUUUUM! That looks incredible!

  17. Have a great time staying cool! I love ikea!

  18. Mmmmmm- fajitas!!! Sounds like a great trip!


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  20. Shame on me, I stayed inside most of the day and cleaned (after my son left). Tonight we went to church, and it was an amazing service!

    Tomorrow, driving to the next town for new running shoes. After purchasing I should grow very skinny as I will not be able to afford groceries for three weeks...

    Lying there, having my girls over for a knitting night and dinner. Both amazing 'cause I'm no Martha S.

    So how DID you spend your weekend Mrs. LA?

  21. That looks like FUN road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I am not going anywhere!!! THANK YOU!

  22. Is that Houston? If so, I'll meet ya there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to make you smile!!!

  23. May or may not?? Sounds like it's the best planned out weekend ever!! Hope the time is great!

  24. MMMM!!! Those "loukoumades" look awesome! Never heard of them, though. What are they? They sort of resemble beignets!

  25. You know, you are like me in that if there is open time, I don't like to schedule it. I like it open. For possibilities! Thanks for the follow! Will follow you!


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