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Friday, August 6, 2010


Finally, I have a day to catch up.   I'm sorry that there are multiple posts some days and other days, there are none.  Life will settle down and I will become more organized.  I'm sure of it!  Now on to important news....

Recently, Mary at Life in a Small Town, Kat at Kat's Confessions, and Musings of a Modern Mom were all so sweet to pass on an award to me.   These ladies all have great bogs that you need to visit if you haven't done so already. 

THANK YOU, Ladies!

You are all very sweet to pass your award forward to me and I'm honored to receive it.  I am sorry that it has taken me so long to acknowledge it.

So....as the rules go, after thanking the person(s) that gave me the award, I am to list 7 things that you may not know about me.  That is a hard one....I don't know how interesting they will be....but since I'm a "rule follower", I will give it my best shot....

So the first thing that you may not realize about me is that I haven't always been a "rule follower".  Oh I try to follow them like crazy now; but once upon a time, I was very good at NOT following the rules.

  Yep, I can hear the gasps from here.

Having said that.....Even though I was not a "rule follower", I never once skipped school.  I didn't even skip lunch like so many did.  I dutifully stayed on campus during lunch and had my chips and a Coke.  Sometimes that meant hanging with a different crowd at lunch.  Staying at school during lunch while my friends were all sneaking off campus just allowed me to make new friends.  If I wanted to skip school, I always got my Mom to check me out of school for some reason.  Even on Senior Skip Day when everyone was expected to skip school, my mom called in with some sort of reason why I would not be there.   I know....crazy, right? 

Despite my "chatty" nature, I'm really pretty shy, in person.  Oh, I can carry on a conversation with just about anyone in social situations; but, I'm definitely more of a "stand on the sidelines and observe people" kind of person.   

I won't watch movies or read books if I know that animals get hurt or lost even if I know there is a good outcome.  That commercial about the abused animals that has Sarah McLachlan in it drives me crazy!  As soon as I hear the music, I have to turn it off.....even if that means running from another room and leaping over the furniture.  I absolutely cannot watch it.  It tears me up....and oh yeah, I hate to cry....but that's a blog post of its own.

I wanted to be a psychologist until I took my first psychology class in college.  The teacher was crazy!  She walked into the room on the first day of class with open toed sandals and kicked a metal trash can across the floor...and then cackled like someone psychotic.  It just got even more bizarre going forward. Since I was going to have to have her for several classes, I decided that maybe that was not the curriculum for me. 

I always felt cheated growing up that I wasn't born in Texas.  My dad always spoke with pride of being from Texas.  My brother got the privilege of being born there and I had to be born in Louisiana.  My dad was a pipeliner so we spent quite a bit of time in Texas when I was young because of his work and it was just a nice place to live.  Additionally, my grandparents and all of the rest of my dad's relatives lived in Texas and going to their houses was always so much fun.   I asked him often why did we live in Louisiana if he was from the awesome state of Texas and he said that he settled there because it was home for my Mama.  How sweet is that?!  But still......  She lives in Texas now with my stepdad!  Just sayin.....  ha!

Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I thought that all Moms drove cars and all Dads drove trucks.  That is the way it was in the little "Mayberry" like town where I grew up.  It was like that in my family and in the families of all of my friends.  Dads made the exception of driving cars when they were driving their families somewhere.  Otherwise, they drove trucks and the moms drove cars.

Okay, I know this was all pretty random and maybe that is the point....but, I did follow the rules and told you 7 things that I don't think you already knew about me.

Now, if you are still with me and I hope you are, I've saved the best part for last.  Now I get to pass this award forward to the following 15 blogs that I've discovered and adding my own twist to the rule.....those who don't seem to have received this particular jewel before (in no particular order!):

I'm off to share the love with those above!


  1. I can't watch that commercial, either. Their sad little eyes...I have to turn the channel quickly. Thanks for the mention!
    You know, I always wanted to be from Tx., too. My parents are from there, and all of my cousins (on mom's side) were there. They got to see each other all the time (or so it seemed).

  2. Aw, thanks! for the blog award!! :-) It was so much fun to read those things about you. For a while I was thinking you must be somewhere in our family tree!! So many traits sounded familiar to me. :-)

    Have a great weekend. And thank you so much for thinking of me. :-)

  3. I thought I posted something here. Glad I looked. Thanks for the honor.

  4. Way to go Candace!!! I must say, if I get a headache from having to use my brain to list those 7 things it will be all your fault. (just kidding my friend) Thank you so much for thinking of me...you are so special to me and I am forever grateful that you are a friend...

  5. Mary...So you can relate then?! I thought I was the only one!

    CM...aaaw, thanks! It took me all afternoon to do this blog post! You are very welcome and very deserving! Have a great weekend!

    Karen....you are so welcome! You are very deserving of the recognition!

    Mitzi...my very versatile friend! I am happy you are my friend too and I hope your brain doesn't hurt too badly. You did great on your fun facts about yourself. You, too, are deserving.

  6. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I agree with your chatty person comment I am the same way. I was once the social person in our family but the roles have changed and now my husband is the social bunny.
    Thanks for bringing sunshine to my day!

  7. Thanks so much for tagging me!! You're a doll! Isn't that commercial just terrible!! I can't handle it either! :(

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats on the award! Thanks for passing it along!

  9. I can't bear to watch that commerical either, Candace! It just breaks my heart. I always flip the channel. Love the song, but not the commercial. I am such a softy for animals.
    I would never have guessed that you are "pretty shy", but I believe you when you say you are. :-)
    I don't know that I am shy but there are times when I am just not as out-going as at othe times.
    I do enjoy your blog so much!

  10. Ladies, you are so very welcome and deserving! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Jewel, It's always so nice when you stop by and say hello! I thank you for your sweet comments. They always bless my heart! Hope your weekend is happy, Candace

  11. Candace

    I too was born in Louisiana, but raised in Texas..I have always considered myself a Texan!

  12. Thanks Candace...I will post my answers soon. I've been out of town and am trying to catch up here and in real life too : )

    It was fun reading about you here today.


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