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Friday, August 6, 2010


Good Morning!!


It's raining!!
After the record breaking heat wave that we have been having, I am so thankful to see the rain.  This was a view from our front porch last evening.  It was a difficult drive home from work yesterday as a huge storm moved in right at 5:00.  The wind was blowing around 45 mph and lightning was striking all around and it was pouring down rain.  Having said all of that, I felt my mood lighten and I welcomed the rain.  We got home to discover that our electricity was off which didn't surprise us in the least.   We just changed into something comfy, opened some chips and salsa, made a couple of turkey sandwiches and ate dinner on the front porch, while watching it rain.  By the time, we were finished with dinner, the electricity was back on again.  It was a beautiful evening!

This morning I woke up to another beautiful rain storm and I thanked God that it was my day off and it was raining and that I had absolutely nothing to do outside of the house today.  I can stay home and rest and enjoy a day of peace and quiet AND rain.  My weary soul needs this time of rest and rejuvenation.  It's Friday and I still have two beautiful days of my weekend left before Monday rolls around and we have absolutely no plans.  *whew*    In fact, I might not leave my recliner house all weekend! What about that?!
I have been quite busy this morning though!

 I have had this idea that with all of the expense that we've had lately that we really needed to get a handle on our spending.  One of the first things that has come to mind is that we really should cut our grocery bill down and start eating some of the stuff that we have in our pantry and our freezer.  We tend to go to the grocery store without a list or a real plan on what we are going to make for dinner.  We have purchased things randomly, without a regard to what we were spending, and that has to stop. 

So in an effort to get a handle on this issue, I decided to clean and straighten the pantry and take an inventory of that and the freezer.  I am going to attempt to make a plan to use up the items in our pantry without purchasing very much at all from the grocery store besides a few fresh things and dairy. 

Our first meal tonight using items from the pantry and freezer will be Red Beans and Rice with Andouille Sausage and Stoneground Cornbread Muffins.

Once I season those beans up with my addition of onions, bell pepper and extra spice and seasonings, they will make a yummy meal for dinner and the fact that it will take minimal preparation is a bonus.  I can stay out of the kitchen and catch up on some other things that I want to do.  For now, what I want to do is link up with my friend, JAVA, over at NEVER GROWING OLD for:

Why don't you join me over there for a great party?  It's a great way to find new blogs to read and make some really great friends.   

I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend! 


  1. it rained here too. i was so relieved to see the rain. this weekend looks nice. i can't wait for the weekend.

    have a fab weekend!

  2. What a wonderful evening you guys had. Sounds so sweet and romantic. I love summer rain. We don't get that here.

    I love your idea about your food shopping. Sounds like it is going well so far. Good luck.

    All through this I just keep wish that LA was closer to CA.

  3. That does sound good for dinner. About what time will that be ready?

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Ladies!

    Kayni..I'm so glad you got rain too! I hope your weekend is great, girl.

    Karen, I wish LA was closer to CA too, my friend. *hugs*

    Robin, it should be ready about 6. I will set an extra place for you!!

  5. I love it when everything is so dry and it FINALLY rains! It's such a welcome sight!

  6. WOW! You have had quite the busy day my friend. We got our nasty rain yesterday...I took loads of pics & loaded them in FB. I wish our pantry looked like that...ours are pretty barren. Red beans & rice with sausage & cornbread....yum....that will certainly fill your tummies!

  7. Mary, it's a welcome relief!

    Mitzi, I did have a busy morning out of the recliner and a busy afternoon from the recliner! We didn't actually make the red beans and rice. My hubby wasn't very hungry and I spent the afternoon blogging so we did grilled cheese sandwiches and watched dvr'd episodes of Covert Affairs. We had them from the beginning. Great show!


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