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Monday, October 17, 2011

Yada Yada Yada...

It feels like forever since I have shared anything with you here on the blog.   Summer has gone and Autumn is already on its way out.  It's so hard to believe that we are cruising through October so quickly. 

Life has certainly been interesting for us the last year.  In the midst of the craziness of my life and everything that has been happening lately, I've been reflecting a lot about all that has happened since last October.  This time last year I was summing my life up here with the word "packing".  We were feverishly working on packing up our things and getting ready to move out of our home into a temporary place in anticipation of closing on the sale of our home.  We were not sure what God had in store for us at that time; but, I can tell you on this end of it that it's been quite a ride.

The desire of my husband's heart was to move back home.  I wanted that too....for him...and also for me.  We both longed for change.  We both wanted the opportunity of having all of our kids together in the same place with us.  We longed to get to know our beautiful new granddaughter.  We had no idea how that would ever happen; but God had other plans.  He opened doors in our life that we would have never dreamed possible and did them so quickly that I think our head was spinning for months after it all happened.   When we sold our home and things quickly fell into place for us to relocate to New Hampshire, I really didn't have any idea what this new life up here would be like.   In the last year, all of that and so much more has been accomplished.  We had all of the kids together at Christmas for the first time in a long time, hibernated through the winter and acclimated to this new environment.    We have gotten to know our granddaughter and have been blessed with many opportunities to spend time with her.  Connor got the opportunity to spend the summer with everyone and to get to know his niece.  That would have never been possible had we not relocated.

When we sold our home and things quickly fell into place for us to relocate to New Hampshire, I really didn't have any idea what this new life up here would be like.   I had dreams, of course, but really I had no idea how they would play out. 

Driving away from Louisiana in that moving truck, I remember such a feeling of excitement.  It was quite an adventure to pack up the things we most wanted to keep in our lives and leave everything else behind to start over someplace else.    I really looked forward to having some free time to explore my creative side with photography, cooking and blogging.  For the most part, I have gotten to experience that over the last year.   It has been fun.

Life is changing again though as I have started a new job.   The wind has kind of been taken out of my sails with these new changes as any creativity that I might have had seems to have just disappeared.  I have had no inspiration for cooking.  I have had very little inspiration for photography even with the beautiful changing leaves outside.   Even the leaves do not seem quite as vibrant as I expected them to this year.    In recent days, I have tried to sit down a few times in front of this computer to share something with you.....anything really...without success.  

I am struggling to find balance and peace.  I pray I find it soon.


  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. While I have definitely missed seeing you here and even FB, I can only imagine the challenges you are facing right at this morning. But you have been fortunate to find work, so I'm sure it will be only a matter of time before you are back in sync! Sending you big hugs....~

  3. It's so good to hear that you got to have family around you this last year. That is so very important.
    I've not been too inspired in the kitchen either, lately...I think that creativeness sort of comes and goes for us all and when our lives are a bit on the busy side, it tends to move to the side for awhile... you'll find it again!!

  4. You've gone through a lot of changes. Every time we've moved, I've said it takes about a year to feel "at home" and back to normal. Here's wishing you the best!

  5. The Lord truly does have amazing plans for you and your family! I can't wait to see them blossoms over the next months and years. change can be hard but I think you are doing so well and I am glad to see things are getting back to normal-somewhat. I know you will find happiness and peace again and soon! You are an amazing woman! Just trust in Him!

  6. When your struggling...God is up to something. Candace, those leaves are beautiful! Thanks for opening your heart on this blog. I hate to give suggestions, but I'll just throw out that I have been reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and it is a life changer. I sort of felt "eh" about a lot of things and then this book. It's amazing. Anyway, enjoy your Fall, your family and all the beautiful colors!

  7. Candace, you have had a very challenging year. With plenty of positive challenges, yet some very uprooting ones too.
    All of this needs to be processed. Maybe the time has come to do so! Please be kind an gentle with yourself. Take good self care! Love from my heart to yours!

  8. wow, you certainly live in a gorgeous area.

  9. Life is certainly full of seasons and I understand the need and the challenge both in finding peace and balance. I struggle with that quite often myself in this particular season of life. Praying you find both....your fall looks so lovely.

  10. congrats on starting the new jobs, fall colors are always pleasing to eyes

  11. I completely understand bella, I love how change changes us, and when that happens, growth is inevitably around the corner.

    I have been feeling sapped too, the weariness has definitely set in and I find it difficult to sit down and write.....but as I sign off I will be lifting you up in prayer tonight....

    p.s. these fall colors are breath taking.....just glorious and bring such peace to my soul....much love bella

  12. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that something is trying to take the smile from your beautiful face ... :( So much change, so much adjustment. So much joy, but still a lot to cope with. And now yet another change, when you'd only just finished settling in from the other major transitions. Sigh ... it's a lot to face, even if it's all positive. May you find that spark again soon ....

  13. Dear Candace,
    I was already missing your posts. But it was worth the wait after seeing those gorgeous pictures.

    Place your cares in the Lord, sometimes we wonder what is next in our live and forget that He has a plan for everything.

    Praying for you.


  14. Smukke efterårsbilleder.
    Dejlig at have familien tæt på.
    Tak for kigget.

  15. these pictures are absolutely beautiful! thanks for sharing them . . . having a job puts a definite twist on our creativity time, but I am confident that this is only a pause, a rest . . . if I know you, you will find new, fresher, exciting ways to express your heart . . . and I can hardly wait to see what is next . . .
    I love you, my friend : )

  16. Gorgeous pictures (as always).

    I find myself in a similar situation, always trying to find balance, and maybe achieving it for a short time only to have it taken away. I wish I could offer you some sage advice, but I hope you're able to get to a place where you can handle all the have-to-do's and still have time for the want-to-do's.

  17. My goodness Candace, you've gone through a lot of changes in the past year. I'm so glad you are closer to your family. I can tell how much that means to you! I hope you get back to you soon!

  18. Gorgeous pics. I hope you get your mojo back. Love to hear what you cook up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wish we had cold weather to enjoy the holidays in.

  19. Hi sweet friend

    I hear some sadness and "un-sureness" in your words. There have been times in my life where I too have felt those feelings. Trust God. HE knows what is best for us.

    I haven't been a very good blog friend lately, but it's been for a good reason. Our daughter had a difficult/scary pregnancy, but all is good now. Our perfect grandson was born 2 weeks ago. I've been staying with them and having a good time.

    I'll send up some prayers for you.

    Big hugs,

  20. Very interesting blog you have here, I have read it with great interest. I hope you will soon be happy again. Your pictures are so beautyful and you live in a really nice area.
    Have a nice day

  21. I haven't cooked in a long time, I have family all around yet so much drama
    seems there's always something doesn't it

    I do find photography helps, it pushes us out of ourselves and into a greater picture
    even just snapping shots on the way to and from work helps

    I hope peace and balance come soon


  22. You are always very inspiring to me....Take your time and take it all in and we will always be here for you!

  23. Don't worry, Candace, you will find that inspiration! I completely know what you are going through. I moved from Amsterdam to Australia after my Masters. Everything changed. I went from being a grad student on a high to working, dealing with visas, and starting life all over.

    Even though I was surrounded by amazing people (especially my boyfriend here), a vibrant arts scene and other things I loved in my new home, it took me a while to open my eyes and rediscover myself. Sometimes moving and changing - especially starting a new job, I find - causes us to retreat back into our shells.

    Just stay sensitive - literally. Experience what's happening around you as the seasons change, how you feel driving your car, spending time with family, etc. You'll start noticing the beauty around you and eventually the inspiration will return, but even stronger :)

  24. I believe you have had so much change so quickly, this is your spirit's way of adjusting. The same thing happens to me as things seem to move at a similar pace in my life (the last 10 years, really). I wish for you peace, and a return to your creative spirit, I am going through a similar thing myself right now, so I can feel your discontent. Peace to you, Candace. ~Vonnie

  25. Wishing you all good things, Candace. Moving is an adjustment, I can only imagine what a huge change moving to a new state is! Good luck, things will fall into place. Those last two shots of your monkey are adorable!

  26. Got your two posts confused, but wanted to say all your shots are beautiful, you live in a beautiful part of the country.


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