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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Winter has arrived in force.

The snow storm on Thursday was just a teaser.  A couple of inches is nothing to compare to what we are getting this weekend.  It is being called "historic" and I believe it.

David said that he doesn't remember when it has ever snowed before Halloween.  I'm sure this isn't the first time; but it's the first that he can remember. 

Fall was just here last week.  I saw it.  There was still some color on some of the trees this afternoon when I took these photos; but at the rate that it's snowing right now, it's safe to say that Fall 2011 is over.

See what a difference a month makes?

It was beautiful while it lasted.

I submitted the Red Barn photo to Yankee Magazine for the 2011 Fall Foliage Contest and they accepted my entry.  There are so many wonderful photos on their website that I know that mine will not be featured in next year's Foliage Edition; but I'm still excited to see my photo on their website.  You can even send it as an E-Card here.  

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. I just loved, loved fall in New Hampshire. All these colors were amazing, but I didn't like at all winter. For me a girl from a country where 50 cm of snow makes us stay at home and nothing works properly, New Hampshire's snow was way too much lol. But I really enjoyed the nature up there. Thank you for your sweet comment as always and I am sure it's pretty late at night there, so I wish you a goodnight's sleep my friend!

  2. That's amazing! I can't believe you guys got snow already! Hope you stay warm! Congratulations on your photo entry!! That's very exciting!!

  3. We had a Hallowe'en snow like that 20 years ago and it stayed until April! The snow is beautiful, but it can do so much damage when it comes down fast, wet, and thick like that. Hope you're all safe and have electricity. The photos are beautiful. And your red photo cheers me to no end! It's gorgeous. :-)

  4. We got slush :( but all clear this morning! Hope you are all doing well and have power. Too early for snow but it sure is pretty at first.

  5. Candice,
    Your red barn photo is awesome! I think you'll get on the feature page even though there's tough competition and there's such a nice floaty feel to the red leaves in the foreground. The reds match perfectly by the way. You certainly have my vote!
    Sorry about the blizzard. Brrrr...for those trick or treaters.
    David/ :-)Tropical Texana/ Houston

  6. Oh my goodness. All of those photos are beautiful. But the last one?? Just gorgeous! I love it. And I have to admit it makes me just a tad jealous that you are getting snow. It is still so warm here that it barely feels like fall here.

  7. oh bella I am not ready for winter yet....I am fully head over heels into Fall and am longing to stay here a while longer....New Mexico did get some snow up North where we used to live in Taos...but here in Albuquerque it's still Autumn weather for sure. I think I'll be ready for some snow by December though...I just want Fall to take me through November!!!

  8. I love that first picture. I love things with just a touch of snow on them.

  9. I remember it snowing before Halloween, in Boston, a few years ago! I only remember because my brother had come to visit that weekend. Craziness!

  10. i will say it once more . . . that photo is definitely in the running . . .
    on another note, i never thought i would personally know a dubach chick who was published in yankee (gulp) magazine (or online) . . . what is this world coming to ?
    : ) love you, g

  11. Wow, I love the last photo. What beautiful colors.

  12. So talented...great pics!


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