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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something on my mind while I attempt to work today......

Good Morning!

I'm trying to get some things accomplished here at work today.....but there's something on my mind!  I simply must figure out this situation that I have with my blog template and the "Friday Follow linky thingie" that didn't want to fit last Friday.  I really want to participate again in that one and I also want to participate in some of the other fun blog hops that I have discovered.   This issue that I'm having makes me a little shy with participating until I can get this figured out.  I'm a bit anal about things "fitting correctly" and "color coordination" and everything has to be symmetrical in my world.  Any suggestions out there on how I can fix this?

It would help if I were independently wealthy and didn't have to work for a living and could hire someone to design my blog or better yet, figure out how to do it myself and I could spend my days doing whatever the heck I wanted do and blog to my heart's content.....but alas......that will have to stay my daydream for today!

Back to the real world........


  1. following would love for you to follow me too : )


  2. Check out the link on the left of my blog. The girl who designed me is extremely reasonable. She does it to make extra money to pay for her children's medications - they both have chronic illnesses. When I read her story, it was a no-brainer in choosing her. Again, glad to find you!


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