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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few things about Me......

A variation of this has gone around in email and in notes on Facebook and I've gotten it several times.  It's always fun and it tells you a little bit about me.  It would be even more fun if you played along and answered the same and linked back so that I learn a little bit more about you too.  It's my Friday so I'm going to have a great day!  I hope you have a great day too!

Do you like Bleu Cheese?    Yes

Have you ever been drunk?  Not in a VERY long time...years actually.

Do you own a gun? Only a BB Gun

What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite?  Grape or Cherry

Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?   I have an unbelievable case of "white coat hypertension".  I can feel my blood pressure rising on the way to the visit.

What do you think of hot dogs?  I love hot dogs from a street vendor when I occasionally visit someplace that has them.  I am particularly fond of the Lucky Dogs in New Orleans.  Other than that, I find them really unhealthy but incredibly yummy....sooooo occasionally we have them at home.  They are always Hebrew National dogs..covered in chili, cheese, onions and yellow mustard...yum yum!

Favorite Christmas movie?  Christmas Story, without a doubt!

What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coffee

Can you do push ups? Probably so but not very many!

Favorite hobby?  It was reading....until I got a new camera and started blogging.  Now I don't have time for reading.

Do you have A.D.D.? I absolutely feel like I do sometimes. 

What's your favorite shoe? Without a doubt.....My "flops"!

Middle name? Michelle

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?

      a.    Is this day going to ever end?
      b.    I can't wait to see my husband!
      c.    What's for dinner?

What are 3 drinks you normally drink? Water, Coffee & Iced Green Tea

Current worry?  ooooh....that's private, I think.  If any of you pray out there, I could use a few of them.  He knows what is on my heart and what is on His heart for me.....so just pray along those lines, please?  Thanks!!

Current hate right now? The heat and humidity, being away from ALL of the kids and the grandchild and all of the stinking oil polluting the gulf.  Not necessarily in that order.

How did you bring in the New Year?  I was with my family but I can't remember what I did......nothing special.  We just hung out.

Do you own slippers? Just bought my first pair since I was a child.  They are flip flop slippers, of course. 

What color shirt are you wearing right now? Black

Do you like sleeping on Satin sheets?  I never have slept on satin sheets...and there's probably a reason for that.

Can you whistle? Not very well

Favorite color? Red  - not color crayon red but a barn or deep shade of red

Would you be a pirate? No, probably not....although sailing out on the open sea sounds appealing.  I've always wanted to take a Windjammer cruise.  Maybe someday!

What songs do you sing in the shower?  Bobby McGee by Joplin....I sing that song down to every "la la" and even do the "scream".

Favorite Girl's Name? Anna

Favorite boy's name? Connor, Josiah, Noah, Levi, Liam.....not sure of my favorite. I love them all!

What's in your pocket right now? Nothing

Last thing that made you laugh? My husband always makes me laugh.

Best bed sheets as a child? I cannot remember sheets from my childhood.  I did have a white canopy bed with matching furniture and on the bed was a pink bedspread and the canopy was pink. 

Worst injury you've ever had as a child? Skinned knees....no wait.....I broke my baby toe one time.  That was the worst.  I was running through the house when I wasn't supposed to be and my brother was coming the other direction.  My baby toe caught on his shoe and it broke my toe.

Do you love where you live?  No, I don't love it....but I'm comfortable enough if I have to live here.

Who is your loudest friend? No comment

How many dogs do you have? I don't have any pets.  I don't have time to care for one....but I'd love to have a dog someday.

Does someone have a crush on you?  I doubt it very seriously.

What is your favorite book? Just one?  The Shack, The Noticer, Tuesdays with Morrie and and and!

What is your favorite candy? Skittles!! ....The yellow ones are my favorite and I love Hot Tamales!

Favorite Sports Team? LSU Tigers, NE Patriots, The Cowboys....love football, would love to see the Celtics take the Lakers tonight and I love to see the Red Sox win in baseball.

What song do you want played at your funeral? Who knows?!....I don't want a traditional funeral.  I want my family to play a lot of music when I'm gone and have a party....laugh and remember the fun times and silly stuff we did together!

If money were not an object, what would you do with your life? I would sell everything that I own and buy an Airstream and a truck to pull it with and adopt a dog to travel with us.  I would pack my camera, my laptop, a few clothes, my husband and his guitar and we would take off and see the country.  We would spend more time in the areas that our children live in so that we could be more involved in their lives and do some traveling from that point, meeting people, taking photos and blogging about it all.

Coke or Pepsi?  Definitely Coke!.....and since we're dreaming here, I would choose the original recipe before they changed it....and have mine in an ice cold bottle.  :)

Happy Thursday, Friends!  I hope you make it a GREAT day!

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  1. Greetings to you Candace - Thanks for becoming my newest follower. I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better through this post. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

    ButterYum (Patricia)


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