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Monday, April 25, 2011

New Hampshire Seacoast...

When you are driving down the seacoast on a cold, rainy Saturday and you are starting to get hungry and you see this place....with a parking lot full of cars.....you have to stop, right?

Check out Petey's online here!

The best clam chowdah evah on a cold, rainy Saturday!
If I had been smarter, I would have charged the camera battery Friday night so that I would have been able to get more than one photo inside the restaurant.  Thankfully, we had the other camera with the zoom lens in the car all ready for other shots so we weren't completely without a camera for the rest of the day.

The character of Petey's is perfect.  It was clean and tastefully decorated.  There were lots of interesting items on the wall to look at while we waited.  It was not "touristy", by any means although tourists were clearly welcome. The food was amazing.  The service was impeccable. Thanks, Phil! The atmosphere was warm and inviting.  It was a wonderful visit. 

We shared the cup of clam chowder in the photo above as an appetizer.  That won't happen again.  It was clear that we each needed our own gallon cup of this wonderful stuff.    I have no words for how wonderful this chowder was.  It was creamy and buttery like a good chowder should be but not thick like a cream of anything soup.  It was full of yummy fresh clams, chunks of potato and with the addition of the oyster crackers, it was absolute perfection.  In addition to the chowder, we ordered the lobster pie and a lobster roll to share.  Again, I cannot begin to even describe how wonderful this food was.  It tasted so fresh and delicious.  We ♥ Petey's and will definitely be going back....and will definitely be taking our vacationing guests when the come to visit....and will most probably be taking off for the seacoast and Petey's when we are craving clam chowder.   


The waves were pretty strong along the coast on Saturday.  The wind was blowing the rain sideways and it was seriously cold.  We did chance getting out of the car a few times for photos and then we saw these people out enjoying the day.....or trying to, at least.  We parked and watched for awhile.

We did manage to see one of them catch a small wave and ride it to shore.  I'm sorry we didn't get it photographed.  For the most part, while we were watching, they were struggling just to get out in the water at all.  It seemed a little futile to me but they were obviously having fun.  I cannot even imagine how cold that water was.

If money were no object, I would call this home...

The rocky coastline lived up to my expectations even though the weather did not.  We don't have a lot of coastline; but, what we do have, is beautiful.  I can't wait to visit again this summer.  It is so nice to live someplace where I can travel in virtually any direction and find something scenic.  The mountains and the ocean are close by.

I'm loving my new life.

It is, also, interesting to note how different the culture is in other parts of the country than I am accustomed to seeing in Louisiana.  One of the places that we found along the way and DID NOT visit was this....

Some things are much better not shared.....
like my nekkid body. ☺

Like my stepdad said...
It gives a whole new meaning to "hanging out".

Thanks so much for stopping by to see me. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your friends and family.   Make it a great week!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Candace.

  2. Beautiful seacoast pics!! And those other pics are just SO New Englandy!! Always a chowder shop nearby, huh. Love that stuff. :-)

  3. Wonderful photos... the chowder looks tasty.

  4. You share the neatest stuff with us! :D

  5. Wow gorgeous gorgeous photos...you make me want to get out there with my camera like rightnow!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm glad to hear that I could inspire you to some slow cooker stuffed pepper goodness :)

  6. Beautiful photos as always, I'm not sure which is my favorite one in this batch. Looks like you had a grand time! Have a good week my dear friend. Hugs...

  7. Very Pretty!

    Would you mind peeking at my entry?, I would be delighted if you do. Thanks!

  8. What a great time! I'd have stopped at Petey's just to check out the bright buoys, looks like a fun place.

  9. Gorgeous blues!

    I'd be so happy if you come and see my BLUES, have a lovely day!

  10. Great views, wonderful food, great combination.

  11. Awesome clicks, Love see sea.

  12. Love, love, love this! I adore seafood in any form and prolly would have just stayed there for many hours. :-) The pics are all just gorgeous...thanks so much for sharing!

    I know I haven't responded to your email yet...but I will. It's been crazy around here and lots of tornadoes dancing around. Not good!


  13. absolutely love the photos... and my goodness that clam chowder looks yummy!!

  14. When I lived in boston, I was always so amazed at how hard it was to find some GOOD chowder. And really, most often you'd locate it at the hole-in-the-walls. This sounds delicious!

    So glad you had a great weekend!

  15. I love being near the ocean in NH and Maine! Great pics!

  16. the scenery is beautiful! I can't imagine what it looks like on a clear day. I want to go to Petey's!!!

  17. I loved what your step dad said. It looks absolutely beautiful up there. I have got to get up there.

  18. Seafood and bar? Gush love it. I see crabs cage and geez that house is awesome!!

    The cross

  19. If money were no object, I'd buy that home FOR you!!!

  20. I remember the first time I drove by the Nudist Park I did a double take. It still makes me laugh when I drive by there.

  21. Great shots. The chowder looks good. :)

    My Ruby.

  22. Love the photos.


  23. oh my the chowder looks so yummy!! I love chowder and I love to sit by the ocean and watch waves too! I didn't see any sign of nudist beaches during my drive through New England!

  24. I'm so there!!! What a glorious outing. And to be sure I'd have me a great big huge serving [or two] of that steamy chowder!! Just look at the size of the clams! Ohhhh.

    Here's my link: My Ruby Tuesday Do stop by if you get a chance.

  25. that chowder looks sinful. i'll take an order in a bread bowl please (or do they do that on the east coast as well? used to have it that way in san fran... yum).

    great post!

  26. I LOVE looking at your photos Candace!! Along with your captions, I feel like I'm there. And your nudist park pic...LOL. I definitely would not be 'hanging out' there either..hee hee.

  27. Beautiful ocean shots. Yes, I'd call that home too. Petey's is a very "colorful" place. Great post. Mickie :)

    Have a pretty day!

  29. Candace, I havent been around lately! So busy busy with my new life here that I didnt check into your new life ;-))))
    Ha, wrote today about the different dialects in the uS and how much trouble I have with those. Good to know that language and cultural difficulties arise not only for immigrants!Have a wonderful week

  30. You picked a gorgeous part of the country to call home! I always enjoyed our visits there. Thanks for sharing your day.

  31. It looks like you've been having tons of fun! I love getting to see the coast!

  32. Thanks for visiting my blog Candace! I live on a mountain, and can walk to the water, and I would miss both like crazy if I ever moved! I've never been to New Hampshire, but those pictures make it look fabulous!


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