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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


to get there; but, this is definitely more like it!

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 Who's with me?


  1. I am, I am!!! It is sooooo hot in FL :( We are still stuck in the 90s and there is little relief in the coming days. The kids are blessed by this weather, though - they LOVE swimming every day.

    We visited Anchorage in August 2004 and it was the PERFECT climate. So me!

  2. I will come down there myself and pick you up! Alaska is my kind of climate too. It's way too hot for me down here. I hope you are feeling better and on the mend. I've been praying for you, girl!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I know, it is so hot in Florida still. I do feel a difference in the breeze in the evenings. We usually go to the mountains every Fall but this year looks as if we aren't going to make it. My Aunt is scheduled for surgery in October and family is more important.

    But, I hear you!

  4. OMG!!! I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!! CAN WE LEAVE NOW????? LOL ~Hugs`M

  5. Hahaha, you wanna go to Alaska?? :) You must really be tired of the summer weather...you should spend a year in Sweden. Winter from at least November until April, and the rest of the time is spent on waiting for the warm weather to arrive (and sometimes it does, sometimes not).

  6. Not me!!! You guys need to come to NW Wisconsin. It's a LOT closer and there is such a thing as finding a happy medium, at least in September and October. I see from the previous comment that NW Wisconsin is a lot like Sweden, once November gets here. :-(

  7. Sounds good, but it's too far...


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