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Thursday, September 8, 2011


by the one that I made tonight.

The potato and ham galette that I shared with you last night was delicious. It was warm and comforting and oh so tasty.  David loved it. I loved it.  But....
You knew that was coming, right?
I warned you at the end of the post last night that I was thinking about how I would change it up the next time that I made it.  The thinking about it didn't end at bedtime.  Oh no.  Apparently I dreamed about it all night because when I woke up this morning, I was still thinking about it.  In fact, I thought about it all day. 

The first thing that I wanted to change was the sauce.  The sauce last night was thin.  I wanted a thick and creamy sauce.   I, also, wanted some spice and by spice, I mean heat.  You know how we are around here.   

Thankfully, David had gone into a potato slicing frenzy last night and had sliced way too many potatoes for last night's galette.  I had leftovers that begged to be used.  So I sautéed some chopped bacon, reserving a tablespoon of the drippings.  To those drippings, I sautéed chopped shallots, garlic and a jalapeño, which was not spicy at all, by the way.  You just never know with peppers.  Once they were browned nicely, I added a tablespoon of flour, and made a light golden roux.  Wine would have been my liquid of choice to add next but I didn't have any so I added some water first and stirred to make a gravy.  I reduced the heat to low and added a cup of half and half, 3 ounces of goat cheese, a tablespoon of chopped fresh rosemary, a teaspoon of nutmeg, salt, pepper and because the jalapeno wasn't hot, I added some cayenne.    That did the trick. 

 Let the layering begin....

...sauce, potatoes, bacon, grated sharp and romano cheese and repeat.  I ended it with sauce and topped  the whole thing with grated cheese.  I covered it loosely with foil, popped into a 425 degree oven for an hour, uncovered it and popped it back into the oven for an additional 15 minutes to get toasty. 

Tonight, I can rest. 
This was the dish I had dreamed about.

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by! 




  1. ooooooh, hot damn! That looks good!

  2. Would you please come to my house and cook for me?

  3. You dreamed about this dish and now I am dreaming about it as well. It couldn't look any more fantastic and mouth watering! I love it. Wow, i need you to be my neighbor for sure

  4. Looks fantastic Candace!!
    Thanks so much for visiting my site.. I look forward to following your blog now! You have some really great recipes posted on here. YUM!!

  5. That looks so homey and comforting. Yum!

  6. found you on boost my blog! I'm a new follower & I love your blog!

  7. and I thought the galette was decadent, just the kind of thing that I had been craving as I long for Autumn temperatures, but now this!!! Lord have mercy, I am a potato junkie as it is, and that sauce is heavenly. I give you full permission to send me any leftovers!!!! p.s. do you have a facebook page???

  8. lovely looking recipe...would love to have some now!

  9. Spice is definitely key when you have this much cream floating around! Love this version.

  10. I would have to agree with you my friend. You definitely outdid yourself this time. So looks yummy as always~ Love & Hugs, M

  11. Hey Dream Girl, that looks delish! ! I still say you need to audition for HGTV's best cook ! Have your own show...be a TV star...
    write your own cookbook....Oh My...who's dreamin' now! ! Luv U Bunches..Aunt M

  12. haha, love that you made it again, this time to your liking :) sounds delicious!!

  13. I love potato.. i always tell if u give me potato, cheese and pasta i can live whole my life with them:))
    this looks mouthwatering...


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