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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Thanks to some really wonderful friends we are all moved out of our house and into our temporary home.   Last weekend was busy as was this past week; but it's all good! We have decided to not unpack very much at our temporary home so we've just unpacked the bare minimum to make it livable and are kind of camping.  We close on Tuesday morning bright and early and hope that the next door will open soon and we will find where we are supposed to be next.

My posts have been and will continue to be a bit sporadic in the coming weeks as we do not have an Internet connection at home. These days I am hooking up from either the library, coffee shop or my friend's house.  I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy the ride.  So far so good!

Yesterday, we took advantage of our new found freedom and the beautiful weather here to go on an adventure. I started the morning by rousing my good-natured husband up to find a sunrise to photograph.  We didn't have to travel far to find this beauty....

Good Morning!

We drove around for awhile and explored our new neighborhood while it was waking up.  I got the opportunity to grab some more photos that I will be sharing here in the future.  Here are a few from around the neighborhood...

We grabbed a friend later in the morning and headed south to explore Natchitoches.   

Those were just a few photos of our day out.  I have a few specially reserved for Wordless Wednesdays that I hope to be sharing in the coming weeks.  

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting!  I will keep you updated on the adventure as it unfolds.
Have a great week!


  1. Wonderful pictures. Can't wait until Wednesday!

    Miss "hearing" from you!

  2. That's gotta be trying! Good thing you can have a flexible, camping-out attitude. Love your early morning pics, especially the fog and horses. So beautiful. The frog legs sign reminds me of what a diverse country we live in!! You'd be hard pressed to find frog legs, shrimp, and alligator here in NW Wisconsin!
    All the best,

  3. What a cool place to live. I love the picture with the mist and the horses. I think if I were you, this "temporary" housing situation might be tough to leave.

  4. What lovely pictures! Good to have you stop in for a few minutes, despite all the chaos ... :)

  5. Lovely photos my friend. Glad to hear that things are settling down a bit for you now.

  6. So glad you've made it thru Phase One : )

  7. Beautiful photos!! I know you're so happy that all the clearing out & packing is over. I will be holding you in prayer on Tues morning although I know it will all go smoothly.

    Hang in there ~ so very happy for you!

  8. Great photos!!! That's great that you've got everything moved!

  9. i'm so glad you are getting settled in (for the time being).....enjoying your pics and adventures as always!

  10. Thank you all for stopping by and commenting!


  11. Candace,
    I enjoyed your photos. The horses with the mist in the back ground and the shots of the stores. Exciting for you to move but moving is always high in the stress category, too. You'll be all snug and happy in your new home for the holidays. Bless your family.

  12. Glad to hear you're sort of settled in the new place. I usually don't like temporary stuff, it sort of stresses me. Hope you have more patience :) Lovely photos! Cheers, Susi


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