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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My office moved last November from a hidden away location on a side street in a residential neighborhood to a more visible location on a busy street corner. 

Some things you just can't "unsee" like the local population attempting to beat the heat by dressing in wildly inappropriate attire.  I will spare you those photos today and concentrate on more recent sitings that diverted my attention away from the stress and sadness that I encounter daily while working in community mental health. 

As I looked out my office window recently, I happened to catch this...

Yes, that's right.  I got the chance to actually see the Google Maps Street view "mobile" as it passed my way. 

So cool! 
How does one get a job like that? 
I think I would be just darlin' at it. 

Hey Google! 
Hit me up? 

And then yesterday, I looked out my window and saw this...

Yes, folks!  It's the Mystery Machine.
Where was it heading?

I dunno.
It's a mystery to me, Scooby Doo.


  1. Pretty good sitings for a small New England town!! We were at the store this morning and a young man driving a very old farm tractor pulled in the lot and parked next to us! Now that might be common in some parts of the country, but Harris County...Vetty In-terrr-est-ing !! Love Ya !!

  2. and the 'mobile' is right in front of the 'Mobil' station. lol

    Big Brother is on the mooooove! :-)

  3. Oh, what entertainment! And we always think of NYC and N'awlins and other big cities as the places to find amusement ... :)

  4. The Mystery Machine! That is too funny. :D

    Oh, and guess what, I got the email feed this time! Yay!

  5. The mystery machine? How frickin' cool is that???

  6. That is so interesting to see the Goggle maps car. Nice to know that they are keeping up with the roads in New England.

  7. Haha so cool! One of my friends is actually in the google maps street view picture for our building. :)

  8. The MYSTERY MACHINE!!?? What kept you from running out there and jumping in the back...i wouldn't have been able to control myself :)

  9. LOL that is awesome! I have to admit though that Mystery Machine is completely awesome! Scooby is right...I wonder if Shaggy is driving?


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