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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So the mangoes showed up as promised...

Aren't they gorgeous?
While I have wonderful things to try with them,
they just begged to be sampled.

After the first one, I had to try a second one.
Just to be sure, ya know?
The verdict is in....
They are ah-mazing!

Thank you, Whole Foods....
Thank you, Susan...
and last but definitely not least....
Thank you, Mary!


  1. Yes, Candace, they DO look amazing! I haven't had a good mango since I spent a year in Bolivia (many many moons ago). They look just perfect, in fact!

  2. oh i need that juicy fruit in my diet again! I have missed them- we haven't had good ones in our market for a while!

  3. Oh man do I ever love mangoes! Those look super juicy delicious.

  4. Ooh ooh ooh, they're champagne mangoes! AKA the best mangoes ever! Enjoy them--I know you will!

  5. They do look fantastic! Taylor loves mangoes. I saw a recipe today on Pinterest and thought of you. Mango chicken salad.

  6. Seeing all the mangos and your recipes reminds me of when we lived in Florida. All of our friends gave us grocery bags full of mangos each season. My favorite way of using them was making mango ice cream.

  7. Candace, how great that you won a case of mangoes! I just got done using the two my husband bought yesterday to make smoothies. Now I have none and I have to go get more. They are one of my favorites too. Hope you enjoy the winnings!

  8. Gorgeous mangos, will have to check out Whole Foods, I'm sure they have some good ripe mangos by now!
    Congratulations, again!


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