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Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's hard to believe but....

My baby just graduated high school yesterday.
Where did time go?

Congratulations Connor!
I couldn't be more proud of you.
May all of your dreams come true.

I love you,

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  We are celebrating Connor and this special time in his life.  I will be back soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by,


  1. Many Congrats to Connor! Way to go!

  2. A great day, spent with family celebrations, congratulations! Best of luck Connor, your future awaits.

  3. Love, love, love that picture!

  4. Aww congratulations! Have an excellent weekend! You guys look so cute!

  5. Congrats, have a nice weekend, nice click.

  6. Oh, what a fabulous picture!!! That is wonderful, exciting, thrilling, joyous ... :) Mazal Tov!

  7. Congratulations to Connor! That's a great picture :) Enjoy the weekend!

  8. congratulations, proud mama!

  9. Congratulations!! Connor ~ great job! I know that you're all celebrating and well you should. This is a wonderful accomplishment!


  10. Congratulations. This is so awesome.

  11. Congratulations to Conner!!! I love his smile!!

    OH my your baby. That is a hard one!

    I love the picture of you two together - definately a great moment in time!

  12. Wow, you're a busy girl!! all kinds of parties! Congrats to Connor. What a sweet photo. :-)

  13. Congratulations, Connor!! What a wonderful photo - you both look thrilled!


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